Our Culture

  • We want to lead in everything we do.
  • We want to care about all our stakeholders and our corporate Culture.
  • We want to constantly innovate our business.
  • We want to communicate in a reliable, honest, polite and constructive way.

Our Values

Our core values build the foundation of our corporate culture. We live, respect and protect them.


We take pride to hire the best people in the industry for each job. Diversity, focus on industry experience, education and commitment to our existing employees are our foundation.


We are committed to provide excellent service to our clients. Our success is the direct function of our clients’ satisfaction.


We strive to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. We are committed to excellence and continuously enhance the processes along our value chain, our know-how and our service level.


We cherish a constructive and open dialogue with our stakeholders. Transparency is essential to our product offering. Our platform provides unrivalled levels of transparency and automation helping to optimise processes and manage risks.


Leonteq is built on entrepreneurship. We encourage and promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting and are dedicated to innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Our Responsibility

At Leonteq we embrace responsibility for our Company's actions, and we strive towards a positive impact on our stakeholders and society at large through our activities. With a long-term vision, we are committed to economic, environmental and social sustainability, which we see as integral factors to the success of our business.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey began by defining our Corporate Culture framework. With our Corporate Citizenship strategy we want to encourage our employees to embrace CSR. At Leonteq, we have a long-standing commitment to think and act in a socially responsible manner.

Corporate Citizenship

At Leonteq we want to contribute to society and the communities we belong to and work in. We focus on building an engine for talent and youth. Leonteq is the lead sponsor for Swiss-Ski biathlon junior teams.

Swiss Ski

Leonteq & Swiss-Ski Biathlon

Leonteq is committed to support biathlon in Switzerland on a regional and national level. We have been the lead sponsor for Swiss-Ski biathlon youth teams since 2014. The "Leonteq Biathlon Cup" is a competition for the categories Kids (U11 - U15), Challenger (formerly standard category U13 - U15) and Elite. The events are organised in accordance with the IBU (International Biathlon Union).

In addition to supporting young athletes and talents, Leonteq is also the main sponsor of "Junior Biathlon Team Leonteq".

Swiss-Ski Biathlon March 2016

CSR Committee

Leonteq's CSR Committee is comprised of one non-Executive Committee member from each business division, and is chaired by the CEO. The CSR Committee meets quarterly.


Leonteq's activities in the fintech ecosystem


Leonteq Fintech Research Initiative

  • The Leonteq FinTech Research Initiative is a joint venture between ETH and Leonteq to advance research in the field of FinTech. The initiative is ran by and attached to the Institute of Technology Management of Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch at ETH Zurich and supported by Leonteq.

Role & Engagement

  • Leonteq provider of funding for doctoral student and partner company for doctor- and master theses.
  • General long term commitment to help building up and operating the Leonteq FinTech Research Initiative through providing funding for doctoral studies, supporting master theses and giving input from a practitioners point-of-view to research and publications in the field of FinTech.


  • CeBIT is the largest and most internationally represented computer expo. The trade fair is held each year on the Hanover fairground, the world's largest fairground, in Hanover, Germany. It is considered a barometer of current trends and a measure for state of the art information technology.

Role & Engagement

  • With Switzerland being the partner country of the CeBIT in 2016, Leonteq became exhibitor in the Swiss Pavilion from March 14th, 2016 to March 18th, 2016 representing the Swiss FinTech industry.
  • Leonteq promoting Switzerland as global FinTech hub through promotional activities, e.g., speaking at inter-national press conferences leading up to the CeBIT.

Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum

  • Conference series organized by Finanz und Wirtschaft to discuss digitization in the financial industry and to promote Switzerland as FinTech hub. Moreover, organizer of the Swiss FinTech Award (first award granted in 2016).

Role & Engagement

  • Leonteq Co-Partner
  • Jan Schoch panelist at FinTech conferences
  • Leonteq jury member of Swiss FinTech Awards


  • WORLDWEBFORUM is the leading Swiss 2-day conference for digital transformation. The exclusive main event on day 1 hosts over 500 C-levels who have the power for change and seek an active role in the digital transformation. The satellite events on day 2 go in-depth and encourage experiments.

Role & Engagement

  • Leonteq Main Partner of WORLDWEBFORUM and Co-Organizer of FinTech Satellite events in 2016+ (speaker selection, content develop- ment, event planning)

Swiss Finance Startups

  • Swiss Finance Startups (SFS) is a non-profit organization run and organized by the ventures involved. With Switzerland being one of the world´s financial epicenters, SFS wants to drive its innovation, change and inspiration. SFS members teamed up to create synergies, support each other and enjoy the exciting startup ride together. SFS is the largest association of finance startups in Switzerland.

Role & Engagement

  • Jan Schoch member of the Advisory Board.
  • Leonteq contributes its FinTech and entrepreneurial knowledge as B2B FinTech pioneer and seasoned FinTech that successfully IPOed and internationalized.


  • Teqlabs is an innovation lab facility in Singapore’s Central Business District at Asia Square. The innovation lab will foster Leonteq’s fintech research and development for the benefit of the financial services sector. Launched in May 2016, Teqlabs has been opened in partnership with Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB).

Role & Engagement

  • Leonteq, as operator of Teqlabs, actively drives the buildup and operation of the laboratory
  • Leonteq partners with EDB, liaises with other local authorities such as Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and fosters the local and regional FinTech ecosystem as well as the international connections to other FinTech hubs

Global Fintech Association

  • Global FinTech Association (GFA) is a non-profit organization that addresses and coordinates the FinTech industry’s needs and challenges on a global scale.  The association is set up in lean, inter-connected working groups according to geographies, business models, and key association topics. GFA members actively collaborate within and beyond the respective working groups and push forward GFA‘s shared objectives to strengthen the global FinTech ecosystem.

Role & Engagement

  • Leonteq Founding Member of the association.
  • Jan Schoch President of the Board.
  • Leonteq actively drives the buildup and operation of the association together with a global group of FinTech leaders.


  • digitalswitzerland is a cross-industry association created from the shared vision of its founding members to strengthen Switzerland‘s  position as a digital hub and to project those benefits across the whole country.

Role & Engagement

  • Leonteq Founding Member of the association
  • Leonteq is engaged in the operational team behind digitalswitzerland that meets regularly and drives forward various activities and initiatives under the umbrella of digitalswitzerland such as Investor Summit (January 19th 2016), Kickstart Accelerator (fall 2016), WORLDWEB- FORUM (January 28-29th 2016), Educa- tion Digital (as of fall 2016), CeBIT (March 14-18th 2016), and HackZurich (September 16-18th 2016).